Adolfo Manzano, Evoluciones y Recovecos

“We seek nature and it flees, it escapes as the forgotten days do, we seek nature and it returns us to the master who comforts us like a clearing in the forest after the path”.

About the artist

Adolfo Manzano was born in Bárzana de Quirós, Asturias, in 1958 and is part of that list of artists always in contact with the new currents of art outside our borders but, in the case of Adolfo Manzano, always keeping in mind the environment where he lives, his roots. It is enough to remember, not only the frequent use of his first language in the titles of his works, but also the care with which he integrates his work in the landscape and the culture of his land, as in the installation carried out in 1992 in the Monsacro mountain, Asturias. Manzano incorporates into his minimalist language all sorts of materials, and thus both wood and plywood, iron and aluminium, as well as wax, paraffin, enamel, paper and photography serve his art (as in his work entitled “human life”, an altarpiece composed of 21 photographs).


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    “I write, the stain spreads calmly. With fury I drag the white, later, as if weaving or healing a wound, I gently fill the surface and time”.