ARTE SANTANDER 2016. Teo Soriano. Imágenes sin escenas

Specific project for Artesantander 2016

The purpose of the project is to present, by way of installation, and through a series of paintings the nature of the painting as an object devoid of any narrativity, symbolism, fiction or representation of reality. Surfaces in which to patent the very nature of painting as matter.

Starting from some postulates of minimalism or Greemberg’s theories about formalism, I have tried to establish some content of a critical nature through an absolutely abstract way of painting whose articulation sometimes lacks a previous approach and focuses on the purely empirical and random. The work thus becomes something open and unfinished where the fundamental thing is the process rather than the final result that becomes a witness to certain intuitive actions and plastic events. When I work I don’t think of a certain color or composition, it is the process of adding pigments on a surface and its manipulation that dictates its nature. In my works there is rarely a preconceived idea, painting is for me a system of thought about its first quality: “Paint is nothing but pigment and a binder.” I aspire to something indefinite, uncertain, where almost nothing is planned or pursued, a path of expression without any concrete direction. It is the spectator who ultimately judges and gives meaning to the work.