Benson, Tom

Tom Benson makes paintings, drawings, prints, books and installations that broaden interest in our relationship with images and the condition of his presentation. His work investigates the optical and haptic qualities of the surface, its effect on the vision of the work and the attitude with which we see. In his work a specificity of material is used, incorporating new and old technologies and processes; Various printing techniques (offset, digital) and a wide range of paint and application method (handmade and manual, along with other mechanically and numerically controlled). His recent work tends to use an ‘open’ grid structure that overlaps with components (samples, colors, images, show announcements, exhibition documentation and material related to past exhibitions), which are organized every time a job is installed determined. . The model of the works is propositional and reciprocal, its practice readjusts the family parts, or reinstates previously obscured parts, making use of duplicates and originals, and asks what constitutes the limits of a completed work.