Manzano, Adolfo

We can affirm that the most outstanding characteristic in the work of Adolfo Manzano is undoubtedly the diversity of materials used in its realization. From his first works in the mid-eighties, made with partially polychromed wooden slats and with a clear expressionist vocation, to the present day, wood chipboard, paraffin, embroidered fabrics, photographs, marble, cast bronze or aluminum, metals such as lead and iron, light or wood, account for a wide repertoire always at the service of a profound poetic vocation.

Throughout his career, his creations can be constructivist, expressionist, abstract or minimalist, however, what is a constant is the search to establish a dialogue with the viewer and the space that welcomes them.

His exhibition projects are generally conceived as installations and his work in public space tries to generate places to be inhabited, to be lived.