MAZARÍO. Ensueño y luz

Castel de Cabra, Teruel, 1963 Spanish painter.

Licensed by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Basque Country (1982-87). He began his career in painting with landscapes of romantic cut, dark and misty tones and thick fillings. They are themes of maritime evocation in which the horizon is always present and in which texts alluding to pop music and literature are inserted. To these beginnings an abstract stage happens to him, of vivid colors, round forms of organic reference, with dominance of varnishes and random spots, to finally opt for a private universe of interiors and landscapes with figures, with clear allusions at the beginning of the avant-gardes: the figures of Matisse, the still lifes of Morandi and De Pisis or the metaphysical exteriors of De Chirico. . He has repeatedly participated in the Arco fair on behalf of the Siboney gallery. He currently lives and works in Santander.