Pastor, Natalia

Natalia Pastor, born in 1970 in Pola de Laviana (Asturias) is an artist marked by the presence and development of the landscape, the result of her social environment, structures marked by industry, reconversions, wealth and decline of her place of residence , located in the mining basin, this being one of the most constant lines of work in its trajectory. Coming from gestures and attitudes of gender roles, his work has evolved into more sophisticated formal aspects, without losing sight of certain realities that are very close to the development of personal geography, with all that this has meaning.

His images and photographs are a direct consequence of the work consisting of drawings and textile pieces that precede his current production, where works in neon find special significance, referring to the aesthetics of road signs. On these nocturnal silhouettes, Natalia Pastor inserts her own image deliberately, distorting the female presence, the role assumed and accepted by her at the local level, undervalued before the tasks traditionally occupied by the male sex, roles and social prejudices where they have a place also the occupation of public space by advertising media in its most diverse formats and messages.