Teo Soriano

Guillermina Caicoya presents the sample of Teo Soriano (Mérida, 1963), Pinturas y ensamblajes, continuing in its commitment to the sober and austere productions that characterize it in this last season, as reflected by the proposals of Paco Fernández and Jorge Flórez.

The work presented by Teo Soriano is a synthesis of his latest creations. The exhibitions at the Miquel Alzueta Gallery in Barcelona and Madrid (2010), at the Kiosko Alfonso Exhibition Hall, A Coruña (2011) and, more recently, at the Twenty-Nine Gallery of Palma de Mallorca (2014) and at the Casa da Parra by Santiago de Compostela (2015), are an example of a richness and plurality of plastic languages ​​in which the artist moves fluently. Reviewing these exhibitions, his interest is noticed in areas as diverse as complementary: collage, assembly, installation or painting, but always supported by the same discourse in which the material and the essential merges.