NATALIA PASTOR. Inercias / Déshabillant la maison 

In this new proposal, the artist chooses the drawing as a vehicle to approach from the intimate space and her personal experiences to universal matters. The inner world now becomes the starting landscape, confirming a cyclical process in the artist’s career on that round trip from the inside to the outside.

Through small simulated actions and the body as a center of action, Inertias addresses issues such as the bonds that are both imposed and self-imposed, becoming burdens and obstacles that prevent us from advancing in what interests us, relegating us to a state of inactivity or slowdown of our projects. The ambivalence of some images reveals mixed feelings, of surrender and fragility, and of resistance and struggle in small daily battles.

Déshabillant la maison (Homage to Louise Bourgeois) consists of thirteen drawings as a sequence, where the house is inhabited by the body and this by another body yet to come. This tribute to the femme-maison of Louise Bourgeois starts from the same ambivalence and ambiguity of the domestic space, in a game between the refuge and the fortress, in this case, the definitively shedding the imposition of the house.