Dixon, Mónica

In my continuous search and concern for light I do not look for detail, but the minimum figurative references to create sensations. In that search I have stripped the pictorial space of everything I perceived as anecdotal. Characters and objects bothered me; they distracted me from what I really wanted to see: the space painted in itself, the vibration of light in the atmosphere, the essential loneliness of the stage. Sometimes we travel through places we live without knowing what we keep from them. Time passes and does not tell us what happens in them, but takes us to the shelter of a shy light that talks with us. Because the reality that will prevail against our evanescence, are not the individual objects, nor their particular configuration in space, but the space itself and the light that reveals it.

Space as a compartment that describes the scenery of life. In short, not as mere construction or emptiness, but as presence. Through the manipulation of space and light I try to trace the duality between what we are and what we are not. Scenarios recorded in my memory, visualized from the need for memory and raised from the concept of the void of space. Because it is we, the individuals, who shape the places we inhabit; it is the body itself that activates space and not the existence of space itself. Removing the objects that give meaning to our life, it leaves us no choice but to look introspectively to fill the empty spaces that seem to be perceived. It is this constant search for belonging and acceptance that motivates me and that I try to show in my work.