Natalia Pastor. Nitrastur / Desde fuera

The Nitrastur complex, included in the DOCOMOMO Industrial Registry (Organization for the Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement), was in operation until 1997. This spectacular complex is not only interested in itself for being a paradigmatic model of modern industrial architecture in Asturias In addition, it suggests evocative connotations of what life was like in La Felguera, in the Nalón Basin and the central role played by specialized work, industrial production, knowledge applied to the transformation of the world and business as a center vital beyond one’s work activity. The Nitrastur Series poses a poetic approach to the strong presence of the industrial landscape, whose interest lies in showing a space that not only has significance for its relevant architectural and industrial heritage value, but as a trace of what was the main activity of an area which contributed in an essential and backward way to the construction of a community and how today’s society has transferred its identity activities to other areas. A landscape that over the years the artist has been documenting and that despite its apparent stagnation, is in constant transformation, showing us images of buildings that have been demolished for not being cataloged, and discovering others that due to their high level of deterioration are currently hidden from the eye, revealing through them how nature is recovering the prominence it had in the past.