Pablo de Lillo. Ciclos de luz permanente

Over the past few years, the three-dimensional expansion in Pablo de Lillo’s work has materialized, and today shows a summary of his accomplishments in the Guillermina Caicoya Gallery with the ambiguous title “Finally, again, or not .. “still” which includes the phrase of the Bauhaus master, Joost Schmidt, in response to the difficult situation of sculpture within the increasingly functional and pragmatic program of the German school. Difficulty that may appear today on any artistic proposal that moves away from the idealistic tradition inherited from the Renaissance.

The speech of Lillo is intuited in his series of drawings “All the answers, no question” of the years 1999-2000 that could be seen in the Palace of Revillagigedo de Gijón, within the project ‘Transfer’. And it is channeled in later works that were shown outside of Asturias: in Castañeda (Cantabria) with small pseudomuebles; and in Liverpool, within the ‘Indeoendent Liverpool Biennial’ program, with the B32 Chair by Marcel Breuer…