Paloma Gómez. Monocromo Amarillo Flúor

The Monochrome Yellow Fluorine proposal consists of an installation that occupies the two rooms of the Guillermina Caicoya gallery. The title refers to the only color that we can see in the exhibition and that completely envelops the viewer.

In the first room, the yellow-blue plane on the left wall that guides us towards the entrance of the next room stands out. When we access it we find a sculpture that expands practically throughout the space, making traffic through it almost inaccessible. The piece is a two-meter high dodecagonal prism that has been built from twelve canvases painted with yellow-colored acrylic.

The exhibition will also show plans and diagrams of the project in acrylics on different types of paper.

Again the exhibition explores the limits of the painting, sculpture and architecture where it is located.