TEO SORIANO. Paintings

Soriano’s current paintings are diverse in their format but, above all, in their conceptual approach and formal development, among the pieces present in the first room of the gallery, monochromatic works of thick fillings and generous brushstrokes stand out, these are canvases mounted on a thick wooden base that protrudes from the wall, varying its depth between 7 and 10 cm, in this way, the thick layers of paint separate from the wall, becoming authentic pictorial reliefs. In the second room, large-format acrylics on canvas are contemplated in which the homogeneous appearance of the colored fields contrasts with the previous pieces, using a precise technique, creates smooth surfaces in which the pigment is shown as a second skin of the support , underlining the surface planning and its limits. It is in this disparity of approaches where I find the main findings of the artist, in works that, due to their strong “character” and radicalism, make up a set, an installation in which material generosity, spatialism and sculptural value, awaken diverse sensations that seem to dialogue, or even fight, with the place and with ourselves. Uncommon communication is encouraged with works that seem to contradict the title of the exhibition -Paints-, other aspects such as volume, density and weight coming into play.